Full board coating machine Model: CY-460S

Driven by PLC+servo motor+transmission belt, the accuracy is up to 0.04mm; It is equipped with 1 glue valve as standard, and the spraying is simple and reliable; External 500CC and 10L (optional) glue supply barrel, constant and flexible glue supply;  

Products Details

Comes with cleaning function, convenient and quick maintenance; Equipment automatic UV detection function New online barrier-free rail transportation + automatic glue isolation function; Low pressure atomization, neat boundary, reduce pollution; Support visual programming and manual trial teaching function;
Frame size L*W*H L1130mm*W960mm*H1650mm
Weight 480kg
Operation method PLC+touch screen
Programmatically Manual teaching
Running program storage number Above 1000 pcs
PCB Transmission height 900±20mm
Transportation speed 1000mm/min
Transmission direction Left → right
transfer method Stainless steel chain + stepper motor
PCB Width range 50-450mm
Width adjustment method Manual width adjustment
Y Shaft drive mode Servo motor + synchronous belt
Y Maximum operating speed of shaft 1000mm/s
Y Axis positioning accuracy 0.04 mm
Valve up and down Slide cylinder
Number of valves 1 pcs
Valve type Cone valve
PCB board size MAX W50mm*L460mm
PCB Board component height MAX 50mm
Coating width 1-30mm
Coating thickness 0.01mm-5mm(Determined according to glue performance)
Tank volume 10L Glue supply pressure tank
Cleaning bucket 500mL
Cleaning function The equipment comes with cleaning function
Lighting part The equipment comes with white light and purple light
power supply AC220V
Gas source ≥0.4MP
Total power 1 KW

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