JUKI High Speed DIP Insertion Machine JM100

Best in class speed. Component insertion time down to 0.6 seconds for vacuum nozzle and 0.8 seconds for gripper nozzle. New “Takumi head” with multiple recognition heights Component Feeding Line control using JaNets software

Products Details

* 1 Specification conditions (Applicable part: Aluminum electrolytic capacitor (φ 8 mm), Feeder: two MRF-S, Placement conditions: Simultaneous pick, sequential insertions using 2 nozzles) * 2 Specification conditions (Applicable part: Connector (4 pin), Insertion conditions: 2 sequential picks and insertions using 2 nozzles) * 3 Board transfer and mark recognition time not included. * 4 When the part height is 16 mm.
  Standard specification (Lsize PWB) Clinch specification (Lsize PWB)
With using Clinch unit Without using Clinch unit
Board Size 1 time clamping 50㎜×50㎜~410㎜×360㎜ 80㎜×100㎜~410㎜×360㎜ 80㎜×50㎜~410㎜×360㎜
2 times clamping 50㎜×50㎜~800㎜×360㎜ 80㎜×100㎜~800㎜×360㎜ 80㎜×100㎜~800㎜×360㎜
PCB Weight max.4kg
Component Height max.30㎜
Component Size Laser recognition 0603~□50mm
Vision recognition □3mm~□50mm
Insertion Speed (Insertion components) Vacuum 0.6 sec/part*1*3*4
grip 0.8 sec/part*2*3*4
Placement Accuracy (SMT) Laser recognition ±0.05mm(3σ)
Vision recognition ±0.04mm

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